Private Transport

There are a number of ways to get from the Las Vegas airport to your hotel or final destination, but the most convenient (and often fastest) option is to take a private vehicle.

Local Transport

For those visitors who are on a budget or just prefer not to use private transport, there are still plenty of options available for getting around the city.

Mass Transit

There are many modes of transportation available for use to travel from the Las Vegas airport.


If you’re looking to take a fast taxi ride to your hotel room, it will only cost you about $30 and minutes of your time. There is no lack of taxis at the airport, so even if you have to wait in line for a bit, it moves quickly. When ridings from the airport, there is an initial charge of $3.30 with an extra tax of $1.20 tacked on; thereafter, you’ll pay$2.20 per mile driven.$11 gets taken off your total when going to the south-end Strip hotels while staying around central strip hotels costs$14. If you’re Downtown for your visit though you’d better have 20 bucks saved up just for the taxi

Car rental companies

The Car Rental Center is at the airport and is accessible via shuttles from the airport every five minutes from doors 10 and 11, with all car rental agencies within one huge structure that is only 3 miles from the airfield. Each automobile hire firm has a kiosk where customers can get detailed information. The movement in and out of these kiosks is very smooth, but the whole process might take up to thirty minutes on a good day.

Shuttles and limousines

A range of shuttles and limousines are available at the airport. The west side of the airport, outside door 8 to 13, offers buses. Shuttles are inexpensive since they cost between $5-$6 per person to hotels on the Strip; if you’re going to a hotel off the Strip, expect to pay a few more dollars. You should also anticipate waiting because shuttle buses do not depart until they are full, which can take up to an hour in rare cases. Limo services start at around $42 per hour. If you’re going on a lengthy excursion and reserve one ahead of time, a limousine might be less expensive than a taxi. A driver carrying a sign with your name will await you at the baggage reclaim area if you travel in style.

Public transportation

Although public transportation is not popular in Las Vegas, people must use it since there are no other alternatives. For travelers, two citizen-area transit bus routes exist; the route 108 follows Swenson to the Las Vegas Hilton and the route 109 goes all the way to Maryland Parkway. Take note that these buses only go to downtown Las Vegas or the Strip. You’ll need a double-decker deuce from the Strip for transport westbound, which costs $2 each way. The fee is $1.25 per trip, and you must have exact change.