LAS VEGAS AIRPORT T3 – Passenger Pick Up

Know Before You Go

Check the following information before driving your friends to the airport:

Passengers picking up at Terminal 3 should go to Level 1 of the parking garage. This area is only for quick loading; any unattended vehicles will get a citation and/or be towed. If you’re staying in the Short Term Parking area, there’s no charge for the first 15 minutes. To avoid paying when leaving, insert your ticket at an exit gate instead of a walk-up pay station.

Driving Directions to Passenger Pick Up at Terminal 3

  • After you turn south on Landing Strip Avenue, which is between Eastern Avenue and Spencer Street, keep driving straight until you see the signs overhead for Terminal 3 Parking. Once you’re in the Passenger Pick-Up section, find column 14-32. 
  • Drive south on Paradise Road in the second lane from the left.
  • When you see the overhead signs, follow them to Terminal 3.
  • keep going when you get to Russell Road, and then get in the right lane when you see the next sign that says “Terminal 3/Flight Path Avenue.” Follow that sign, and then look forthe next sign that just says “All Terminals.”
  • When you come to a split in he road turn left onto Flight Path Avenue. Keep following those overhead signs until they tell would be passengers where to go for pick up: Passenger Pick-Up is between columns 14-32..
  • When exiting I-215, follow the signs to the airport. Get in the center lane and proceed through the northbound tunnel. Follow the overhead signs to Terminal 3. Continue following the same signage until you reach Passenger Pick Up at columns 14-32.

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