LAS VEGAS AIRPORT – Pay Parking Citations

You can easily pay your parking citation from Harry Reid International Airport online. To get started, go to the online payment system and enter either the ticket number from your citation or your vehicle plate information.

If you need help with the online process or want to contest the citation, please consult our Frequently Asked Questions are below.

1. How do fines escalate on parking citations? Depending on the citation, fines will differ and increase as time goes on. For instance, if the original fine is $50: If paid within 10 days, only $25 is due

If paid within 31-60 days ,$75 is due

But if paid after 60 days, $100 will be owed In another example, let’s say the original fine was $200: Paid in full within 10 days? Only owe $100

Paid within 31-60 days ? The total amount comes up to 300 dollars.

However, waiting longer than 60 Days results in a much heftier price of 400 dollars.

2. What if I don’t agree with my citation and want to appeal? If you receive a parking citation at Harry Reid International Airport, you can respond by contacting the Department of Aviation’s designated representative. The current representative is Sherrie Jackson, Management Analyst II. She can be reached at (702) 261-3086.

3. What if I don’t pay my citation(s)? If you don’t pay your citation within 60 days, the fines will go up to $400. For more information, refer to question number one. After 60 days have passed, the Department of Motor Vehicles will be notified of any unpaid citations. This notification results in a delay of vehicle registration until full payment has been received. If there is already a hold on your registration and you choose to pay your citation online, it may take up to 7 days for the hold to be released.

4. I received a parking citation on a rental car while visiting Las Vegas, am I still responsible? According to County Ordinance, Rental Car agencies must provide the name and address of the renter of the vehicle on the date and time that a parking citation was issued. Once this information is entered into our computer, a Notice of Delinquency will be sent to the renter for payment of the parking citation.

5. I was not operating my vehicle when the citation was issued. Am I still responsible? The registered owner of the vehicle is responsible for payment of the parking citation.

6. Under what authority are citations issued? The director of aviation is authorized to set civil fines for violations of parking rules and regulations (non-moving traffic) established in Title 20-Airports. To view these rules and regulations, go to the following website

7. I went to pay my fine online, but the amount due is more than double what is indicated on the citation, why? If you have received two or more citations within the last year, you are classified as a repeat offender. For penalties specific to repeated offenses, please consult Title 20-Airports’ Landside Operations Operating Directive.