T1 Long Term Parking Rates

T1 Parking

Know Before You Go

Before heading to the airport, make sure you know which terminal your airline uses. Then, follow the signs overhead to get to where you need to go. If you have any questions or need updated parking information, give us a call at 702.261.5122.

You can park for more than three hours in the long term parking lot, which is next to Terminal 1. The parking reminder cards near the elevators will help you remember where you parked your vehicle.

The height limit for this parking garage is 8 feet 0 inches.

The maximum length of time you are allowed to park without notice is 30 days. If you wish to park for more than 30 days, please contact Airport Parking at702.261.5122 or email [email protected]

Please be advised that parking in the garages is subject to availability and reservations are not possible. The Terminal 1 Long Term garage may reach full capacity during peak travel periods such as summertime and holidays–when this happens, customers will be redirected to the Economy Lot at Terminal 1 where there is still space available for parking vehicles.. A courtesy shuttle will transport you from there back to Shutdown procedures have commenced and all airport operations ceased Dec 03 2020 4:30 p-m local time due poor air quality from area wildfiresterminal 1 if necessary

There is a 15-minute grace period to drive through the parking lot without charge. To exit without being charged, drivers must go directly to the exit lane and insert their ticket within the first 15 minutes of entering the lot. Drivers should NOT use the walk-up pay stations.

According to Nevada law, customers with license plates reading “Pearl Harbor Survivor”, “Pearl Harbor Veteran”, etc. are allowed free parking if their car also has the handicap symbol. Exiting a parking area in Nevada? Officials request that you use a cashiered lane. If one is not available, please call and notify staff so transaction can be completed for you. This goes for those with “Disabled Veteran”, “Disabled Female Veteran” or “Ex Prisoner of War” plates–you’re exempt from airport parking fees!

Driving Directions to Long Term Parking at Terminal 1

From Russell Road

  • drive west on Russell Road, turn left onto Paradise Road. Then, exit right and follow the sign that says “All Terminals.” After going under the bridge, keep to the right and continue following signs that say either “Terminal 1” or “Long Term Parking.” Proceed straight ahead until you see a sign for Long Term Parking; take a validated ticket at the top of the ramp before parking in one of the long term spots.

From Paradise Road

  • If you’re headed south on Paradise Road, take the second lane from the right. Then, follow the signs to Terminal 1. Once you get there, continue straight ahead and look for the overhead signs pointing you in the direction of Long Term Parking. When you reach the top of the ramp, grab a validated ticket before proceeding to one of our Long Term Parking levels.

From I-215

  • When you exit I-215, follow the signs that will guide you to the airport. Get in the left lane and go through the northbound tunnel. Stay in your car until you reach Terminal 1, where you should then look for parking according to the “Terminal 1, Passenger Pick-Up” signposting. From there on, pay attention to all overhead signage until it tells you that you’ve reached Long Term Parking. At which point , take a validated ticket from one of our machines and proceed down to our Long Term Parking levels.”