T1 Economy Parking Rates

T1 Parking

Know Before You Go

Before heading to the airport, make sure you know which terminal your airline uses. Then, follow the signs overhead to get to where you need to go. If you have any questions or need updated parking information, give us a call at 702.261.5122.

Terminal 1 Economy Parking is the perfect solution for those customers flying out of Terminal 1. It is located at 576 Kitty Hawk Way and just off of Paradise Road, making it easily accessible.

If your vehicle is more than 22 feet long and 8 ½ feet wide, or more than 13 ½ feet high, you must use the Remote/Oversize Lot located on Gilespie Road. A courtesy shuttle service is available from the Remote Lot to Terminal 1. Phone 702.261.5122 to request shuttle service.

Terminal 3 Economy Parking is for Terminal 3 customers and is located on the east side of the garage.

All long-term parking has a 30-day maximum unless you contact Airport Parking ahead of time at 702.261.5122 or email [email protected] .

*There is a free 15-minute grace period for drive thru lanes only . To exit without being charged, drivers must go directly to an exit lane and insert their ticket within the first 15 minutes after entering the lot–do not use walk-up pay stations..

According to Nevada state law, customers with the following special license plates are allowed free parking: “Pearl Harbor Survivor”, “Pearl Harbor Veteran”, “Congressional Medal of Honor”, “Purple Heart”, “Silver Star” or “Bronze Star”. These must also display the international symbol for handicap access. The following other license plate types from Nevada are exempted from airport parking fees:  “Disabled Veteran”, Please use a cashiered lane when exiting the parking area. If there isn’t one available, please call and notify staff so they can help with the transaction as you exit.

Terminal 1 Economy Parking Shuttle

The complimentary shuttle service available to economy parkers at Terminal 1 runs 24/7 approximately every 30 minutes. At Terminal 1, the shuttle bus stop is located on Level Zero of the parking garage. To use this service, please factor in an extra 30 minutes to your travel plans.

Driving Directions to Terminal 1 Economy Oversize Parking

From Russell Rd

  • To get to Terminal 1 from Russell Road, stay in the center lane after passing Maryland Parkway. Then turn left onto Paradise Road and stay in the far right lane. Exit right following the “All Terminals” sign. Once you’re under the bridge, keep right and follow signs for Terminal 1. Merge with traffic going to your right, and then take the ramp immediately left that has signs for “Terminal 1, Departing Flights, Economy Parking, Terminal 3.”
  • After reaching the sign for Economy Parking, continue driving straight ahead until you reach the four-way stop sign. The entrance to Economy Parking will be directly in front of you.

From Paradise

  • Please follow these directions to reach T1 Economy Parking:
  • Drive south on Paradise Road and get in the second lane from the left. Follow the signs until you see Kitty Hawk Way. Turn right at that light, and keep driving until you see the entrance to T1 Economy Parking on your right.

From I-215

  • 1. Take the I-215 exit and follow the airport signs.
  • 2. Continue through the northbound tunnel then follow Terminal 1 overhead signs, and finally look for “Departing Flights, Economy Parking, Terminal 3” signage.
  • 3. Get in right lane per sign at this point marked “Terminal 1, Economy Parking” and go to four-way stop ahead.
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Summer Parking Advisory

The Long Term garage at Terminal 1 is likely to close during busy travel times, so please plan accordingly.

  • If you’re flying into Terminal 1 at the airport, be aware that the parking garage may be closed. In this case, customers will be redirected to available parking in the Economy Lot or at Terminal 3. These lots require a shuttle ride to Terminal 1.
  • Due to an ongoing nationwide bus driver shortage, wait times for shuttle service are increasing. Parking customers should factor in an additional 45 minutes in their travel time when using these off-site parking options.
  • For more information on airport parking, call 702-261-5122